Could you please provide a plot summary of the play "The Heidi Chronicles?"

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Wendy Wasserstein's Pulitzer Prize-winning play "The Heidi Chronicles" is a feminist presentation of one woman's (the aforementioned "Heidi") efforts at succeeding in a male-dominated society.  In this case, that society is the world of art.  Told mainly in flashbacks, the story traces the lead character's emotional and professional development as learns to navigate the professional, if much less so her emotional, path through life.  While Heidi grows from timid and insecure, especially in the presence of the male-dominated art world, to mature, secure feminist capable of forging a successful career in her desired field of endeavor, her emotional or love life remains essentially catastrophic.  The male to whom she is closest is gay, and the man who demonstrates the most male-female companionship potential is arrogant and self-absorbed -- a trait shared by men in general in Wasserstein's play.

"The Heidi Chronicles" was a story of its time when women were struggling against the "glass ceiling" while male expectations remained mired in the past.  Many people consider it relevant even today.


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