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Greenberg's drama is about the drama that develops when a baseball player comes out as gay.  The play talks about how the decision to come out plays into the successes and failures of a baseball team and of a baseball team's locker room.  The interpersonal dynamics and chemistry of the team, of the game, and of how players deal with the pressures both brought on them and brought on themselves are all explored in the drama.  The fundamental driving force of the play is more of an experiment in what happens in the world of sports when a beloved figure comes out as gay in a setting that represents the essence of heterosexuality and "being a man."  The play deals with the fall out from such an experiment.  The culture clash that is within the team dynamics and within the social element of how homosexuality can be embraced in many aspects of society, yet still has problems in the world of sport is explored.  The drama does not give any answers, but rather raises questions of social issues in which certainty is not going to be possible and delving into the complexities is all that that the audience has.  In this, the dramatic action unfolds.

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