What is plant introduction and acclimatization?If these are similar terms give difference also.  

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Plants can survive extreme temperatures if it gradually drops over a long period of time. A sudden drop in temperature could kill them. A definition for acclimatization is an organism adjusting to a gradual change in temperature, ph, humidity, light and other abiotic factors. An introduced plant is a species that is living outside of its native habitat. It may have arrived by accident or on purpose. It is considered a non-native species. Sometimes, it can have no effect on the ecosystem, and other times, it can take over and wreak havoc. For example, sometimes the introduced species may out-compete the native species and cause its demise. This can have far reaching effects on food webs that depended on that plant as a producer. Purple loosestrife, an invasive plant has spread quickly all over North America. It has disrupted water flow in rivers and canals, and has crowded out cattails, which affects amphibians, waterfowl and other orgamnisms.