What plans do Romeo and Juliet make in Act II scene 2?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Romeo and Juliet alike are completely enamored of each other's looks, Juliet stands at her balcony and considers the possibilities and her own questions about this new passion in her life.  Of course she isn't aware of the fact that Romeo is listening to her wonder aloud why it is that she has to be in love with her family's great enemy and notes that it is simply his name that is her enemy.

Once she learns that he is there, as Romeo jumps out and declares his willingness to change his name if that is the only obstacle, she begins to question his intentions as she wants to know if he is truly serious and virtuous in his intent.  Of course Romeo declares that he is and she pushes him to produce a plan for how they can be married to thus prove his honor.

He tells her to send someone at 9 AM to find out the details of the marriage plans.  Their conversation is then interrupted and Romeo runs off to prepare for the wedding and get things in order.