In The Odyssey, what plans do Odysseus and Telemachus make for going home, and what will be done with the weapons there?

Expert Answers
troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Telemachus is to go ahead home and act as though he never found his father.  Then Eumaeus will bring Odysseus back to his home dressed as a beggar.  Telemachus is not to protect or react if Odysseus is abused by the suitors.  He is to remain as normal as possible.

Upon Odysseus' signal, Telemachus is to gather up all of the weapons throughout the house and lock them up in a storage room so the suitors cannot fight their way out. If any of the suitors question him, he is to say that he is going to have it cleaned for the next king of Ithaca.  Another excuse he can use is that he didn't want any of the suitors to harm each other if they drank too much.