What plan would you make for an Analysis of JFK's Inaugural Address?

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Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A plan I would make for an analysis of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address is to consider the domestic and foreign policy implications of the Inaugural Address. My plan, as a road map to analyze the address, would consider the following 10 points:

1. What is the major theme of this speech?

2. Who is the speech primarily directed at?

3. Does John F. Kennedy consider the impact of this speech on the American people, or he is he aiming it more towards the international audience?

4. Are there references to America’s military might and its willingness to use its power in this Inaugural Address?

5. What injustices in society does Kennedy indicate and look to resolve in this speech?

6. How important is God (Divine Providence) to John F. Kennedy? Is this type of thinking from a President more or less prevalent today?

7. What is the paradox conveyed by Kennedy early on in this address?

8. Where does “the right of man” come from in John F. Kennedy’s opinion?

9. What does JFK say about human rights in the 20th century?

10. Consider what Kennedy says about allies of the United States, about nations who have recently adopted "democracy," and about nations still experiencing terrible poverty.

Using these 10 points as a plan or a guideline for studying John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, you can get to the heart of his message and what he was trying to say to his country and the world on this momentous day in his life.

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nath74k | Student

Thank you!

But by "plan" I meant: "What parts would you make for a text commentary about JFK's Inaugural Address?"