What plan does Romeo share with Nurse in Romeo and Juliet?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Romeo tells Nurse that he and Juliet plan to marry.

When Romeo and Juliet meet at Juliet’s ball, it is love at first sight.  Everyone knows the story though.  It was a forbidden love.  Juliet was a good girl.  She did nothing that first night, except some gentle flirting.  She decided to give Romeo her answer later.  She sent Nurse as a messenger.

Romeo waits for Nurse to come.  After some good-natured rubbing with his friends, he receives Juliet’s answer from her about agreeing to marry him.  Romeo tells Nurse that Juliet should meet him at Friar Lawrence’s cell, where they will secretly marry.

Bid her devise some means to come to shrift

This afternoon;

And there she shall at Friar Laurence’ cell

Be shriv'd and married. Here is for thy pains. (Act 2, Scene 4)

Nurse is Juliet’s confidant.  She has raised her from a baby.  She had a daughter Juliet’s age who died, and therefore loves Juliet like her own.  She cares for Juliet.  While she laughs and teases both of them, especially about Romeo having no manners

He is not the flower of courtesy, but, I'll warrant him, as gentle as a lamb. (Act 2, Scene 5)

She also feels that they are in love.  Even though she knows that it is forbidden she doesn’t care about that or the fact that they just met.  She is more than happy to act as go-between.

Romeo and Juliet do not go off and run away on their own.  They have a real wedding.  They are married by Friar Lawrence, who also disobeys their parents’ wishes and marries them.  He has an ulterior motive.  He hopes that by marrying them, he can put an end to the bloody feud.  Ultimately it does, but not before both young lovers lose their lives.

lil903 | Student

They make plans twice. When the nurse comes to see Romeo at 9 am on the day after the Balcony Scene, they make plans for Romeo and Juliet's wedding. When they make plans in Friar Lawrence's cell after Romeo is banished, they plan how to consummate their marriage.