What plan do Montag and Faber devise in Fahrenheit 451?

Montag and Faber devise a plan to print books and plant them in firemen's homes in order to undermine the state. Faber also gives Montag a two-way seashell so that they can stay in constant communication, especially for the purpose of countering Beatty's anti-intellectual ideas.

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When Montag first comes to Faber's apartment to talk about reading books and undermining the state, Faber is naturally suspicious: Montag is a fire fighter, something akin to a Stormtrooper in Nazi Germany. However, Montag is able to convince Faber he is serious.

At this point, Faber unveils a plan in which the two of them can print books and have them planted in firemen's homes to undermine the firemen's credibility. Montag likes this idea. Faber tells Montag to bring the $400 or $500 that he says he has saved (firemen are well paid) and he, Faber, will get in touch with the printer he knows. That way, they can implement their plan.

Montag also mentions wishing he had some way to counter all of Beatty's smooth talk against books and reading. At this point, Faber gives him an electronic seashell. It is like the seashells Millie uses to listen to her shows, but it is two-way—Montag can both listen and talk back. Faber can also hear through the seashell what is going on. Faber suggests...

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