What is the plan Dill and Jem come up with to talk to Boo Radley? Does it work? Why?  

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Jem and Dill decide to communicate with Boo Radley through a note. Scout goes outside to find them discussing the note, and asks how they plan to get it to him.  Jem explains the plan to Scout:

Jem was merely going to put the note on the end of a fishing pole and stick it through the shutters.  If anyone came along, Dill would ring the bell (To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 5).

They had recently noticed a loose shutter.  Their plan is to poke the note through the crack in the shutters and leave it on the window sill inside.  The fishing pole would ensure that neither Dill nor Jem had to set foot on the Radley property to deliver the note.

The note contains questions about Boo Radley and a request for him to come out. They even promise to get him some ice cream if he does. Scout watches Jem try to deliver the note:

Jem attached the note to the end of the fishing pole, let the pole out across the yard and pushed it toward the window he had selected.  The pole lacked several inches of being long enough, and Jem leaned over as far as he could.

Unfortunately, Jem cannot get the note off the end of the pole. When he finally does get the note to detach, it falls down to the ground. Jem makes many attempts to deliver the note, but each time he fails. Scout and Jem hear Dill's bell ringing, and they look to find Atticus coming their way.  They abandon their unsuccessful mission.

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