What plan did Trevor make in "The Destructors" and how did the gang respond?

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T's original plan is to destroy Old Misery's house.  He uses the metaphor of being like worms in an apple.  They would infiltrate the house while Old Misery is gone for the bank holiday and destroy the house from the inside out. 

At first the rest of the gang is extremely skeptical.  They see the value of breaking in, but are hesitant about doing anything that could result in "court stuff."  Blackie doubts that the gang could pull off the job in time, but Trevor convinces the other boys that they could organize and accomplish the stunt. The gang takes a vote and agree to destroy the house.

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the Trevor planned to destroy the house first from in and than out. all the members supported him as he is shown a good manipulator who exploited everyone for it especially Blakie.

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