What plan did Montag and Faber devise in "Fahrenheit 451"? no

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The plan, as Faber condenses it is, "The salamander devours its own tail."  When Montag goes to Faber's home, he doesn't have a clear plan of attack.  He tells Faber that they need to print some extra copies of books.  He seems to have no plan after that, but Faber, jokingly adds that maybe they could make copies of books, plant the books in the homes of firemen, then turn in an alarm on those firemen so they'd be arrested and "the seeds of suspicion would be sown among the arsonists."  Faber balks and to convince him to help with the plan, Montag begins to rip the pages from the Bible that he has.  Faber then tells Montag that he knows a printer with an old printing press who might be able to print up a few copies of books.  Faber wants to wait until the war begins and wipes out some of the problem though.  Montag is going to go home to get some money to pay the printer, so Faber gives him the two-way radio seashell so that Faber can talk to Montag to help guide him and he can also him to what is said around Montag, particularly by Beatty. 

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