What pivotal role did love play in As You Like It?varity of love

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wildcattmg eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first answer to that question would probably come out as a discussion of the fact that As You Like It definitely falls under the category of Pastoral Comedy, one whose theme centers around the nature of love. (I use this lecture when teaching the difference. It explains it pretty clearly and succintly. http://records.viu.ca/~johnstoi/eng366/lectures/Ayl.htm)

As You Like It definitely falls into this category for the reasons listed in the essay. It is set in the country, the topic of love runs throughout the entire play, and the poetic form fits this category quite aptly.

You can also clearly see the theme of love reinforced in the various encounters in the forest. Conversations centering around life and love abound throughout the text. The particularly enjoyable part of these conversations is that we see more than one perspective on life, and love. I think if you look closely at the lecture I have mentioned you will see some really great examples of and explanation of Rosalind and Orlando's relationship and of other instances of the importance of love throughout the play.

Hope this helps!