what are pip's, magwitch's, and miss havisham's expectations in great expectations?

rebeccafrazier42 | Student

From Chapter 8 until about Chapter 39-40, Pip expects to become a gentleman and thus be worthy of marrying Estella. Magvitch's expectation was to create a gentleman of Pip, since he himself couldn't be one. He strives to do this as a way of repaying Pip for his kindness at the beginning of the book. He also does expecting Pip to look beyond his criminal past. Miss Havisham expects to reek havoc on men, in particular Pip, in hopes of erasing the pain she endured on her wedding day. Miss Havisham expects Estella to help her hurt men. It is only when Estella refuses to do Miss Havisham's bidding anymore that Miss Havisham's true expectation is revealed; she wants to be loved.

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