What is Pip's first impression of London?

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Pip's first impressions of London are visual. After having never really been in the city itself, he had no idea how dirty and ragged it could be. This is just part of the era, but it is particularly an aspect of London that Dickens wanted readers to notice.

Pip finds the street gloomy, and the description of Jaggers' office is terrible. Many dark overtones are used, and the disjointed joining of buildings made Pip wonder why the city was designed that way. The coach Pip had ridden in to get there was described as weather-stained and the rags therein were described as moth-eaten.  Jaggers' office is described as having greasy walls as people intimidated by him backed up. Being so close to the courthouse, the area around Jaggers office was described as pretty dirty as are most inner-city places today.

This description is important because it foreshadows Pip's experience there.

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