What is a pidgin and what is a creole?a full detail to pidgins & creols

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An example of pidgin English would be the hybrid dialect spoken in New Zealand or Australia, crossing English expressions with local aboriginal ones.

In the New World, creole is a mixture of French, Spanish and various African dialects which developed as a result of the slave trade in the South. An example would be the Haitain dialect spoken today; remember that Haiti was the last stopover before slaves were delivered to the mainland. (It also refers to a type of spicy cuisine in the Louisiana area, also influenced by the above-mentioned cultures.)

amykj1972 | Student

A creole is a language that begins as a pidgin and eventually becomes the first language of a speech community through being learned by children.  In the case of the slaves, the pidgin that was developed first then became the creole because the slave children learned this as their first “language”.A pidgin is a simple but rule-governed language utilized for communication among speakers of mutually unintelligible languages, often based loosely on those languages. An example of this is the way slaves developed their own form of a language during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  These slaves found themselves grouped together, speaking different languages.  They were discouraged from communicating to others because it was feared that they would cause slave revolts.  These slaves then formed their own, simpler form of the English language which included some aspects of the West African language. This is a pidgin. 

mackmeg | Student

Pidgin and Creole are partial languages created often by the mixing of languages.

Pidgins occur when regular contact occurs between language communities.  A need to communicate exists between the members where an accessible interlanguage does not exist (or there is little proficiency in it.

Creole (or creole languages) are more complete languages often formed in areas when people of a native language (for example the french indentured servents of the southern US). The creole language usually forms from a pidgin as the people begin to communicate with native speakers of another language.  Pieces of the new language are often incorperated whether they be grammatical or vocabulary.

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krishna-agrawala | Student

Pidgin refers to a type of languages that develop as a means of communication between people speaking two different languages, and there being no dominant language which can become a means of communication. Pidgin is used primarily for the purpose of conducting business between people that speak different native languages.

Pidgin forms out of words borrowed from both the original languages. It has limited vucabulary and simple sentence structure. Pidgin language is not used as native language by any one as native language. It is used only as means of communication for conducting business between people speaking different native languages.

A pidgin language can sometimes can develop into very widely used used language, which is taught by people to their children as a native language. A native language thus evolved out of a pidgin is called a creole.