What are the physical traits of Lena, Walter, Beneatha, Ruth, George, and Joseph?

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Walter Lee Younger is the man of the Younger house and the protagonist of A Raisin in the Sun. Most descriptions of him refer to his ambitious ideas and preoccupation with financial independence. He is thirty-ish, tall, and trim.

His mother, Lena (known throughout as “Mama”, is older and entirely devoted to her family.

Ruth is Walter’s wife and the mother of 10 year-old Travis (a little boy known for his manipulative streak). Ruth’s physical appearance is explicitly addressed by the author, who portrays her as an aging beauty. Although only in her thirties, Ruth’s face has begun to age in a way that detracts from when she was “exceptionally pretty” as a young girl.

Beneatha, Walter’s sister, is a college student hoping to go to medical school. She is around twenty years old. While she is not as conventionally beautiful as Ruth, intelligence lights up her face.

Joseph is a college student from Nigeria. He is young, attractive, and personable, lending him the approval of the Younger...

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