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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Physical Therapy is the same as physiotherapy and is sometimes used in pain management and rehabilitation after injury or surgery where mobility has been affected . It is also useful for chronic joint and muscle conditions where relief is sought by the sufferer. Muscle spasms and conditions such as chronic back pain and arthritis, where joint stiffness and muscle weakness are synonymous, physical therapy or physiotherapy helps to increase flexibility. Sports injuries are also, often, treated using physiotherapy which assists in the healing process, allowing sportsmen and women to recover more readily after injury or surgery.  Physical therapy is also useful in individuals with congenital conditions such as cerebral palsy and may help in the management of it. 

Physical therapists assess the range of movement of the sufferer and the causes of the problem, where-after they devise an action plan which may include manipulating the relevant joints and muscles, using intense, individualized exercises designed to strengthen the area and the surrounding area to give increased support to the affected region. Hydro-therapy is also used by some physical therapists due to the fact that water supports a person's weight, minimizing the risk of further damage or strain whilst working on the problem area. Massage is also effective in some instances.  

rachellopez | Student

Physical therapy is treatment for physical disabilities in order to help with mobility and healing. A patient will be diagnosed and treated depending on their injury. They could do strength training or stretching in order to heal the body. For example, if someone had a back injury, a physical therapist may advise that person to do exercises like lower trunk rotations, knee to chest, or press ups.

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