What are the physical properties of iron sulphide?

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The following are examples of the physical properties of iron sulfide:

- Grey to Black in color


- Molar mass of 87.91 grams/mole

- Density ranging from 4.75 - 4.84 grams/ milliliter (which is the same as grams / cubed centimeter)

- Not magnetic 

- Melting point of 2,181 degrees Fahrenheit 

Physical properties are attributes of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the composition (molecular structure) of the substance. Examples of physical properties include texture, shape, color, odor, magnetism, solubility, density, atomic/ molar mass, boiling point, and melting point. 

Conversely, chemical properties are properties of a substance that become evident during or after a chemical reaction. Examples of chemical properties include the ability to oxidize, flammability, heat of combustion, toxicity, radioactivity, half-life, and chemical stability.