What are the physical and chemical properties of Mendelevium? 

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Physical properties refer to a trait or characteristic of a substance. Physical properties are measurable.

Three physical properties of Mendelevium are listed below.

1.      It has a melting point of 827 degrees Celsius (which is the same as 1521 degrees Fahrenheit or 1100 Kelvin)

2.      Mendelevium is a solid state at 20 degrees Celsius

3.      Mendelevium has an average atomic mass of 258 amu (atomic mass units).  

Chemical properties are properties or characteristics of a substance that are observed during a reaction in which the composition of the substance is changed.

Three chemical properties of Mendelevium are listed below.

1.      Mendelevium is radioactive.

2.      Mendelevium has a preferred III oxidation state. However, it has been shown to also have a II oxidation state.

3.      Mendelevium has an atomic number of 101. This means that Mendelevium has 101 protons in its nucleus.

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