What are the physical biorhythm, biorhythm emotional, intellectual biorhythm?

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The three things you mention are the three types of biorhythms that some people believe human beings go through all during their lives.  Scientists do not believe in the theory of biorhythms.

Physical biorhythms are supposed to go on a 23 day cycle and control one's levels of coordination, strength, and well-being.

Emotional biorhythms are supposed to go on a 28 day cycle and control such things as mood and creativity.

Intellectual biorhythms are supposed to go on a 33 day cycle and control such things as one's logical ability and memory.

For a great deal more information, presented for a skeptical point of view.  Follow the link below.

giorgiana1976 | Student

In nature, there are factors that are repeated at regular intervals, approximately equal, such as day and night or seasons. They are caused by movements of Earth's rotation around its axis and around the sun, and have a major impact on living creatures. Natural rhythm of these factors resulted in the emergence of periodic variation of regular activity of living organisms, which are called biological rhythms or biorhythms. They were established over millions of years of evolution of living organisms and they are adaptations to the environment.

Physical biorhythm (P) is the variation of physical force of human and last 23 days

  • positive phase, ie the first cycle of 11.5 days, physically feel better, energetic,we participate with pleasure and with good results in various sports activities and we are more resistant to illness
  • negative phase, we are more fatigued, more susceptible to illness.

Emotional biorhythm (E) are mood changesand lasts 28 days.

  • positive phase, so the first 14 days of the cycle, we are well prepared, optimistic and confident in the future.
  • the negative phase,we are more nervous, more pessimistic.

Intellectual biorhythm (I) is the variation of intellectual capacity of human  (thinking, memory, judgment, creativity) and lasts 33 days.

  • positive phase during the first cycle of 16.5 days,we learn more easily, perform mathematical calculations quickly and we are more creative
  • the negative phase have lower intellectual performance, learning more difficult, we can not focus and we are less creative.
mkcapen1 | Student

Bio-rhythm is the bodie's and mind's flow and the natural cycle of events in the human’s life.  It is cyclical and a necessary part of a humans function.  There are three primary bio-rhythms.  The three are; physical, emotional, and intellectual. 

The physical cycle occurs over a 23 day period.


 The physical cycle is believed to be necessary for endurance, strength, and physical health.  For example a person’s physical bio-rhythm fluctuates; some days the person is faster in movement, more on the go, and physically more intense; other days a person is more sluggish and demonstrates less drive physically.  Both patterns in the cycle are necessary for human growth, function, and restoration.


The emotional cycle is on a 28 day cycle.  During the first 14 days of the cycle a person is more likely to be intense and experience high peaks of emotion.  During this period a person’s temperament is more likely to be pleasant, he is easier to fall in love, and is often associated with periods of creativity and sensitivity. 


The intellectual cycle is a period that lasts for 33 days.  There has been some scientific evidence that indicates that it is during this period that hormone levels also cycle.   During the first half of the cycle the human brain shows a quicker response time, is more apt to think more clearly, and is performing at its best.  The second half of the period is when the brain become a little more sluggish and appears to be resting somewhat.


All three cycles are affected by and also effect sleep patterns in a human.

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