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What does the phrase "education for self-reliance" mean?

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The phrase "education for self-reliance" is usually attributed to Julius Nyerere, the statesman and leader of Tanzania from before the nation achieved formal independence in the early 1960s up until 1985. In his pamphlet published in 1967 titled "Education for Self-Reliance," Nyerere proposed re-evaluating the purpose and intent of education in Tanzania. He offered that while they did not have a rigid blueprint for the future, the nation had identified socialist objectives it wanted to realize: equality, respect for human dignity, sharing of resources collectively produced, sharing in the work necessary to make communities thrive and elimination of exploitation. 

The dominant system of education, Nyerere argued, reflected what had been inherited by the old colonial powers. The inherited colonial system of education, he claimed, remained elitist (designed to meet the needs of only a few), it divorced students from the society it should be preparing them for, and it inappropriately...

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