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Phillip Martines is the main character that portrays successful man that is troubled by his past mistakes and flawed present life. He is also a man whose personal conflict affects his leadership and personal esteem. Due to family troubles, he compromise his integrity as public figure and the interest of the community by helping his son Etienne out jail as a way to make amends for his mistakes.

In the past, he abandoned his first wife Johanna that led his daughter and sons astray. His daughter became a rape victim that urge personal vendetta from his sons toward the rapist. It resulted to demise of his first family for it led to Antoine’s imprisonment, Robert X- Etienne psychological breakdown, and Johanna’s psychological paralysis.

Engulf by grief for the consequence of his past mistakes, he almost gave up returning to his second family that portrays his spinelessness in dealing with problems in life. Yet, despite their shallow relationship, his wife Alma helps him recover and come into terms from his past life and other responsibilities.



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