What is the pH value of tartaric acid?

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Without the concentration of the solution we cannot say the Ph, since Ph is determined for a solution.

Since tartaric acid is a diprotic weak acid with Pka1 and Pka2 as approximately 3 and 5 respectively... using these values for 0.001M solution...

Its Ph = 2.5(appx)...

You can calculate for other concentration solution using...

RICE or ICE table and quadratic equation...

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Tartaric acid is a common acid found in grapes and the wine that is produced from the grapes.  Most wine has a pH ranging from 3.3 to about 3.7.  White wine, which is produced from white grapes, has a pH of around 3.4.  pH is the abbreviation which means "power of hydrogen". which refers to a substances ability to liberate hidrogen ions (H+) upon dissociation when mixed with water.  The pH scale is a scale from 0 to 14, with 7 representing the halfway point.  The pH of 7 indicates a neutral substance, such as pure water.  Any substance lower than 7, such as tartaric acid, would be said to be acidic.  The lower the number, the more hydrogen ions are produced.  Any substance with a pH higher than 7 is said to be basic.  This means there are less hydrogen ions produced, and more hydroxide ions produced (OH-).