What is the pH of Oasis Summer Fruit juices?

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pH is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration of a given solution and is mathematically given as:

`pH = -log_10[H^+]`

A pH of around 7 indicates a neutral solution, while a pH less than 7 is considered representative of an acidic solution. Alkaline solutions have a pH of more than 7. 

The pH of Oasis Summer Fruits juices is about 3.5. This acidic pH can be attributed to the presence of Sorbic acid and Benzoic acid, among others. This is not unusual for a juice. Fruit juices typically have a pH of 3-4 and are thus acidic in nature. Similar is true for soft drinks, such as Coke and Pepsi products. 

This means that such products are potentially harmful to your teeth, especially the enamel and may also cause cavities. One way to minimize the harmful effects of drinking low pH juices is by using a straw for drinking. Another way is by consuming such drinks quickly and then swishing water in your mouth couple of times so as to wash away the juice.

Hope this helps.  

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