What is the ph of 3% hydrogen peroxide like you buy at the grocery or drug store? I have read it has a every high oxygen content.

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It sure does have a high oxygen content! Hydrogen peroxide has a formula of H2O2; in other words, you can think of it like water with an extra oxygen molecule. It therefore breaks down into water and oxygen, and leaves no toxins. One "volume" of hydrogen peroxide yields ten "volumes" of oxygen when it decomposes. It is a strong oxidizing agent, and a weak acid when in solution in water. I could not track down the pH of a 3% solution; this is the concentration used for first aid, in cleaning wounds. However, the pH of a 70% solution is listed at the attached site as .5, and of a 35% solution as 2.5.

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Yes, it has a high oxygen content, and according to reports I read somewhere, I can't really determine the Ph value of the 3% hydrogen peroxide but the 70% solution is listed as 5 value.