Petrarchan Lover

What is a Petrarchan Lover?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The concept of the Petrarchan Lover comes from Petrarch and his sonnets. Petrachian sonnets have a specific structure and form, different from Shakespearean sonnets. Petrarchian sonnets are structured into two parts: an octave (or eight line block of verse) with an abbaabba rhyme scheme, and then a sestet (or six line block of verse) with a few possible variations on rhyme scheme.

Petrarch wrote a series of sonnets to an idealised lady named Laura, with whom he had never even had any conversations. He was responsible for creating certain ideas about love and relationships, bringing in the concept of falling in love at first sight and needing to know nothing about the object of your affection to fall in love. Although Petrarch lived between 1304 and 1374, his sonnets were immensely popular even in Shakespeare's day. One key notion that is important to these sonnets is that the lover's affection is not returned and as a result he suffers a flu or cold because of his love-anguished heart. Interestingly, we can see an example of this in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Romeo describes his love for Rosaline in this way, as he says he is "sick" and "sad". Shakespeare of course deliberately set up Romeo as a Petrarchan lover in this way to highlight his love for Rosaline with his love for Juliet.

onin2409 | Student

It is a special type of love,where you can't touch or see your beloved.But every time you fill your beloved.You wants to be with your beloved.But he or she is out of your range.May be your beloved don't know that you love her a lot.This is also a kind of one sided love.You can't love your beloved physically but you love him or her in your imagination.

arjun | Student

This love comes from Petrarch,the poet of good sonnets.He fell in love of Lady,Laura,but she was unknown to him. His love was very sacred out of physique and touch.Even he did not touch her or she did not know him and his love. In some books,I have read that she was married.Through such love, he encouraged his inner love and got its true benefit as a religious person takes by real love or spiritual contact with God. Apart from it,there is difference between the concept of Platonic and petrarchen love.So Petrarachen lover is that who loves someone wihout any touch,conversation and combination. In simple words,it can be called a hidden or one sided love based on chastity and sacred ideas.