What perspectives can be compared in Animal Farm and Julius Caesar?

Expert Answers
shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In both Animal Farm and Julius Caesar we have characters trying to overthrow what they perceive to be tyranny. The perspective of each story is that the powerful can use persuasion and trickery to achieve their ends. The commoners become the victims of the elite.

In Caesar, the rival senators fear the power that Caesar would have should he be named emperor. They are projecting what the situation will be like and imagining that their freedoms will be curtailed.

In Animal Farm, the animals are already being tyrannized by Farmer Jones. They are led to rebellion by the actual circumstances that they are living in. They are inspired by the persuasive speech of the venerable old pig Old Major. Later, the animals are tricked back into slavery by the persuasiveness of the pigs.

In each case, plans do not unfold as envisioned. In Caesar, the conspirators (Brutus, Cassius, etc.) are almost immediately chased out of town after Mark Antony persuades the Romans that Caesar was unjustly murdered. It turns out that, like the animals, the Romans have also been tricked. Antony’s speech is moving, but he has no intention of following through with his promises.

In each story, the reader sees how the majority of citizens are often victimized by those who are able to grab power.