What are the perspective of service quality

krishna-agrawala | Student

I believe the question is about customer perception of service quality. For physical goods the quality of a product is often measured in terms of adherence to a given set of specified physical characteristics of the product. This method cannot be used to measure quality of services because, it is impractical to set rigid standards of physical characteristics of service. By its inherent nature, good quality service also exhibits a very high degree of variability. Secondly the service as delivered to the customer is not available for physical quality assessment prior to its delivery to customer, which gets consumed by the customer as it is delivered. Therefore the only practical indicator of service quality is the perception of the customer.

While many factors contribute to the customer assessment of service quality, experts have identified five major dimensions of service quality common to all kinds of service. These are:

  1. Reliability: The extent to which the service is dependable and is performed accurately.
  2. Responsiveness: The extent to which the service is provided promptly taking into consideration the need and of each customer.
  3. Assurance: The feeling in mind of the customer that the employees providing the service are knowledgeable, capable, and willing to provide good service. The courtesy of employee plays an important part in creating such assurance.
  4. Empathy: The extent to which care and attention is given to each customer. This means making the customer believe that you understand and respond to the his or her specific requirements
  5. Tangibles:This is the apparent quality of physical facilities personnel and material for providing the service.