What are personality traits and proof of the traits for the characters in Julius Caesar?

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Break the question down. Your teacher wants your evaluation of each character--proven with data/quotes from the play. Here's one method you might find helpful. Draw a T-chart for each character or here is an online version: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/graphicorganizers/tchart/blank.shtml. Put the character's name at the top of the T-chart. As you read the play and during discussion, listen carefully...listen for words describing each of the characters. Look for VALUE words: honest, powerful, deceitful, etc. Choose the words you find most often used for each character and write them on the LEFT side of the T-chart.

Now go on a hunt through the play. Find direct (Character describes himself/herself) or indirect (Character described through actions or words of others) descriptions (lines/data) from the play supporting your VALUE words.

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