What are the personality, traits and physical description of each character in "Fahrenheit 451"?

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Unfortunately, there is not enough space here to do justice to each character.  However, I have provided a link to the Enotes Character Guide for Farhenheit 451.  You should find it very helpful for your purposes.

Here is a quick overview:

Montag - a firefighter.  He is the protagonist, and begins to not only question the work that he does but the aims of socity itself.  He is a timid person and susceptible to coercion, but he learns to stand up for his own beliefs in the end.

Beatty - Montag's boss, a strong and emotionless man.  Beatty believes firmly in his work and is very persuasive.  Ironically, he is well-read, and uses his literary background to his advantage in trying to convince Montag that burning books is the right thing to do.

Mildred - Montag's wife, a heartless and unhappy woman who wants to feel but is scared of her own feelings.  She betrays Montag in the end.

Clarisse - a young woman who is headstrong and firm in her own beliefs.  A rebel, Clarisse opens Montag eyes to the beauty of human interaction and shared experience.

Faber - a professor, and the anti-Beatty.  Faber helps Montag to articulate his own interest in books and, although Faber himself is not an activist, he is a catalyst that helps Montag stand up to the firefighters.


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