What personality traits do you think people have from birth? I don't understand this question! help

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This question relates to the debate of how much of what a person is can be attributed to heredity, and how much can be attributed to environment.  In literataure, the "type" character is a character who is a character imbued with personality traits from birth, while the dynamic character has inherent traits, it is true, but he is not type-cast.  For, he/she is capable of change as a result of knowledge, maturity, outside influences and experiences, inner experiences, and so on.

To answer this question of how many personality traits are inherent in people, scientists have studied identical twins who have been separated from birth or infancy without any knowledge that they are twins.  In one study, two males who were adopted separately, grew up in entirely different parts of the U.S.  When they were grown men of about 40 years old, they learned that they were each a twin.  Seeking their other twin, these men finally located each other.  What a surprise it was when, without any prior knowledge, the men noticed that they both were wearing the same brands of shirt, shoe, and pants.  They had the exact same make of car and year!  They owned dogs of the same breed that had exactly the same name.  They were wearing shirts of their favorite color--both the same shade of this color, too.  Their haircuts were similar, their shoes of the same style.  In short, the similarities between these and other sets of twins has been amazing.  Other personality traits such as musical talent, artistic talent, and other aptitudes are often evident in children from infancy.  Indeed, much of what a person is is in him/her from birth.

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