What are the personality traits of the character Mathilde Loisel in the story "The Necklace"?

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Mathilde Loisel is portrayed as a materialistic, superficial woman, who desperately wishes to enjoy a life of luxury and laments about her lower-middle-class social status. She is unhappily married to a minor clerk in the Ministry of Education and "grieves incessantly" about her shabby, run-down apartment, which someone of her class would never notice or comment on. Despite the fact that Mathilde Loisel is married to a man with a stable job, has a servant, and enjoys going out to the theater, she is not pleased with her lifestyle and is portrayed as an unappreciative person. She is also depicted as a dreamer, who fantasizes about owning oriental tapestries, living in a mansion, and lounging on expensive furniture. Mathilde Loisel is also portrayed as being shallow and does not appreciate her husband's sacrifices or genuinely care about his emotional status. She is completely selfish and even refuses to attend a ball at the Ministry of Education because she does not have anything fabulous to...

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