What is one personality trait that characterizes Guy Montag in the book Fahrenheit 451?

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While it is not entirely evident at the start of the book, Guy Montag develops bravery as the narrative progresses.

Bravery can be seen as one of Montag's personality traits.  By the novel's end, Montag displays the willingness to question the world in which he lives.  He is not able to do this at first. However, bravery leads to his process of change.  This shown when he has the courage to absorb the ideas that emerge out of his conversations with Clarisse.  It is evident when he confronts the emotional emptiness of the world he shares with Mildred. He shows a resistant spirit in the changes he exhibits, even in the face of a conformist social setting.  Finally, he has the internal strength to challenge his job burning books, leaving the world that he has known all his life in search for truth.  He goes to extreme lengths to escape the mechanical hound as well as authority in general.  Bradbury creates a protagonist who is not initially a hero.  Rather, he grows into one.  The critical element that enables this transformation is his bravery, a major personality trait. 


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