What is the personality and clothing style of the Nun's Priest?    

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In the prologue to Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, we have no description of the personality or clothing style of the Nun's Priest.

In the prologue to the Nun's Priest tale, we are told that his name is Sir John and that he rides a rather sad looking horse. We are also told that he is a "dainty priest" and that he is a "goodly man" (line 54 of the Modern English version at ELF).

The story told by Sir John, about a talking rooster named Chaunticleer, reveals nothing about his clothing, but does reveal this priest as an educated man and one who is able to delight and educate audiences with his moral-filled story.

In the epilogue of this story, the host of the pilgrimage praises Sir John. He also notes that "this noble priest" has "muscles". He also makes other compliments about the appearance of priest's neck and chest, as well as the "hawk's fierce fire within his eye" (line 11 in the epilogue), and also compliments the priest's complexion.

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