What are the personalities of other main characters in Death of a Salesman?

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Charley: He is an admirable character who is generous and sympathetic. Having succeeded in business where Willy has failed, Charley gives his friend Willy $50/week (which would be equivalent to $300-400 now) as a “loan”, to make charity palatable to Willy. He sees things as they actually are, rather than through the distorted lens of Willy’s ego; his compassion and success may both stem from this clarity of vision.

Biff Loman: He is Willy’s oldest son, now in his mid-thirties. He was a football star in high school, but his father’s ideals have prevented him from being happy doing the physical labour he is good at and enjoys. He attains self-knowledge by the end of the play.

Bernard: Charley’s son and successful attorney. He is quiet, perceptive, and an image of quiet excellence, as opposed to empty boasting.

Ben Loman: Willy’s successful and adventurous older brother.

Happy Loman: Willy’s younger son, and very similar to Willy.

Linda Loman: Willy’s wife, who sees through the delusions and problems of her family but still supports them. An enabler.


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