what are the personal, political and maternal sacrifices projected on Act II in Juno and the Paycock?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the biggest sacrifices that is alluded to in this novel is that death of Robbie Tancred, a nationalist hero who was killed just before the start of the play. Let us remember that Johnny is executed by two Irish Regulars because they accuse him of having informed against Tancred and he has to sacrifice his life as a result of politics.

Mary makes a maternal sacrifice when she admits to Jerry Devine that she is pregnant. She rejects his proposal once again and accepts that of Bentham instead. The women in this play are shown to make various sacrifices as they cope with the men that they live with. For example, note the kind of difficulties that Boyle's behaviour causes the women in his life. He refuses to get a job and, thinking he is going to receive a large amount of money, buys lots of things on credit. This all comes to nothing, however, when he realises that he is not going to get the money after all, and debtors come clamouring around their house. Sacrifice is something that is very definitely a part of this play.


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