What is a personal legend and explain what does Melchizedek mean by personal legend in The Alchemist? Its in the book: The Alchemist. What might my own personal legend be?

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The Personal Legend in Coelho's The Alchemist is another way of saying "personal potential" or achieving and realizing one's ultimate self-worth. This cannot be termed "fate" however because Fate usually takes on a controlling role in characters' lives throughout literature rather than giving control of one's destiny back to the character. The main premise behind the this story is that a person can be in control of discovering his or her true potential in life rather than settling for less because of doubt or fear. Melchizedek gives Santiago the first tools that will help him on his journey and they are the Urim and Thummim and advice about listening to omens. Melchizedek also provides two stories for Santiago to remember on his journey; they are first, the story of The Baker (28); and, the story of The Shopkeeper's Son (31). Both of these stories show how fear and doubt can get in the way of discovering one's ultimate experience, knowledge, or potential in life.

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