What are personal ethical issues and how can they be resolved?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ethical issues are related to standards of conduct and moral judgment.  Personal ethical issues relate to a person's individual standards of behavior and moral conduct.  For example, if someone were a referee in an important soccer match, would it be ethical behavior to give a player a red card, removing the player from the game, when the referee did not really see what happened and disagrees with the referee who did?  Would it be ethical to turn in a paper you have not written but received from a buddy who was giving it to you because you were behind in your work, and then claim credit for the work?  To resolve ethical issues, many believe that the schools can teach character education which presents ethical dilemmas for students to discuss and resolve.  Parents are also responsible for the ethical development of their children by demonstrating ethical behavior and explaining the WHY behind their decisions.  Each person is eventually faced with their own choices in their ethics and must choose for themselves which is more important:  the convenience of avoiding ethics when making choices or truly living according to the code they have chosen.