What personal belongings do George and Lydia find in the nursery? Why are they there? How do they work as a literary device And which one(s) in the story "The Veldt?"

Expert Answers
teachersage eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The parents first find the father's, George Hadley's,  wallet in the nursery. It has been chewed by the lions, has the lions' saliva on it and is bloody. Later, they find the mother's bloody scarf on the nursery floor. Finding these items frightens the parents, who can't figure out how they got there. The parents are so unnerved by this, along with children's fixation with Veldtland, that they decide to shut down the nursery, which badly upsets the children. The two bloody items represent examples of the literary device of foreshadowing, suggesting to the reader before it happens that George and Lydia will be killed and eaten by the supposedly imaginary lions in the nursery.