The Face on the Milk Carton

by Caroline B. Cooney, Caroline Bruce

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What person takes Janie to various arts and crafts lessons in Face on the Milk Carton?

Expert Answers

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The woman whom Janie has always known as her mother, Mrs. Johnson, is the person who has been in the habit of taking her to various arts and crafts lessons.

Mrs. Johnson has decided that "she and Janie needed An Activity to Share".  The two of them have a long record of failed arts and crafts attempts - "needlepoint pillows...quilt tops...knitting" - Janie's mother has always been determined that she and Janie "could be like the rest of the world and do something creative with their hands".  Unfortunately, "the only thing Janie liked to do with her hands was put nail polish on them and dial phone numbers".  Janie, unlike her mother, has a short attention span for extracurricular and creative activities.  She has "a habit of leaping into hobbies with tremendous enthusiasm for a few months and then abandoning them forever".

The differences that Janie perceives between her mother and herself are troublesome to her, fueling the doubts that have arisen in her mind as to her true identity.  The discovery of her picture posted as a missing child on the milk carton and the realization that she is unlike both her mother and her father in so many ways convinces Janie that she is not whom she has always believed she is (Chapter 3).

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