what is performance of team work at computer company?I have to assignment about  of Apple.Inc. I have to talk about "performance" of team work at Apple. But i don't know have idea to do.

brianachen | Student

Hi, I'm a msc in management student in Edinburgh university, Now we just prepare to hand in a report analysis the teamworking in Apple Inc. but I just can't find much information on this topic. since you're work with apple now, do you have any suggestions?thanks 

lindayp | Student

Teamwork is  working together to achieve a common goal. Effective teamwork leads to better product quality, increased productivity, and enhanced job satisfaction.In order to attain this effective teamwork, there must be recognized, and considered, more ideas from more people.  This leads to better and more creative decisions. If the company is growing and prospering, then obviously the teamwork is meeting all the marks and the performance is improving.  If, however, the company is stagnating or losing ground, there is something seriously amiss with the team as a whole as well as the team process and performance.