What is the percentage of tungsten in a standard light bulb?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The percentage of tungsten in a standard incandescent light bulb filament is very high.  After having tried several materials, ranging from carbon to tungsten, tungsten was found to be the better material to make the filaments out of.  The tungsten filaments are treated with potassium, silicon, and aluminum oxides at the level of a few hundred parts per million, to give the filament strength and durability inside the light bulb.  The addition of these extra components allowed the filament to burn longer without evaporating in the bulb itself.

Thomas Edison is the famous inventor we tend to remember in the development of the light bulb, but history records at least 20 people who dabbled in the subject of electricity and the practical application thereof, resulting in the incandescent light bulb.  Edison is remembered, most likely, because he provided a generating power source to provide the electricity and the first ways and means of getting the electricity to the consumer.  The other inventors stopped with the invention of the light bulb, did not see it through to practical application.