What percentage of the human body contains water?

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Water is the single biggest ingredient of human body. The weight of water in the body of an individual as a percentage of total body weight can vary from 45% to 75%. On average adult male body contains about 60% water by weight. This figure is 55% for females.

Percentage of water in some of the parts of the body are as follows:

Lean muscle tissues : 75%

Blood                       : 95%

Fat                          : 14%

Bones                     :22%

The total body water can be divided in two categories:

  • Intracellular Fluid: This constitutes about two thirds of total body water.
  • Extracellular Fluid: This constitutes about one third of total body water.
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On an average by weight the pecentage of water  in human body is as follows. Generally  male and female bodies vary  slightly  to the extent of 5% less in females.

Water 61.8%


Fat 14.9%


Traces of other elements are also there.

The maximum variations of percentage of water in individuals is on account of the fat contents of water.