What percentage of Americans are military veterans?

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There are approximately 22 million veterans. The population of the United States is about 323,038,000. Therefore, about 7% of the population would be military veterans.

We can break this down further. About 1.6 million veterans are women. 11% are black, 6.1% are Hispanic, and 78% are white. Just over 9 million of the veterans are over 65 years old. The largest group of veterans is those who served in the Vietnam War. This group is followed closely by those who served in both of the Gulf Wars.

There are a few more facts I can provide. Three states have more than 1 million veterans living in them. They are California, Texas, and Florida. About 25% of the veterans have a college degree. The average median income is slightly higher for veterans than for those who aren’t veterans.

Veterans compromise about 7% of the population today.

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The current population of the United States of America is roughly 325,900,000 according to worldometer website.  According to the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, the projected veteran population for 2015 is 22,000,000. Simple math yields a percentage of 1.3 percent of the population. However, that figure can be misleading due to certain unknown factors.

That number may not include veterans that are not residing in the United States. It may also not include veterans who are deceased though they are most certainly still veterans. Nor may it also not include those veterans who are still classified as missing in action. There are also many homeless veterans whose ranks may not be covered in these statistics.  Keep in mind also that the term veteran does not include those members who are active duty military.