What percent of the Earth’s living habitat should be protected? Justify your answer.

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Habitat conservation is a way or management that is developed to protect and restore the habitat areas for plants and animals especially those who are nearing extinction so as to prolong their lives. Human activities have changed that situation. Extinction of animals has become shorter since the technological revolution has arrived. Habitat should be protected so as to prevent extinction of them which can lead to the discovery of new knowledge of the history of the earth.

Currently, the land area that has been reserved for wildlife protection is around 11 percent of the total land area. For sea areas, since conservation of which is quite difficult, only 0.5% of which are protected. 


I think it would be better if the land area being protected should increase to at least 25% so as to make a great understanding of how the human factors affect the growth of the animal and plant communities. If the protected areas would be quite larger, the construction of technological structures will be limited thus protecting not only the plants and animals but more importantly us, the humans.


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