What is the percent composition of oxygen in the compound?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The percentage composition of oxygen in water can be calculated by dividing the mass of oxygen by the mass of water. 1 mole of water (which weighs 18.0153 g) contains 15.9994 gm of oxygen, hence the percentage composition of oxygen is:

% composition of oxygen in water = mass of oxygen / mass of water    x 100

 = `(15.9994)/(18.0153) xx 100 = 88.8101 %`

Thus water contains 88.8101% (or can be rounded off to 88.8%) oxygen.

We can similarly calculate the % composition of hydrogen in water, which is:

% composition of hydrogen in water = `(2.01588)/(18.0153) xx 100 = 11.1898 %`

This can also be calculated as 100%- % composition of oxygen ( = 100 - 88.8101 = 11.1899%), since oxygen and hydrogen together constitute water and hence their  respective % compositions must add to 100% . 

Hope this helps.

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