What is a peice of literature that reflects how Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew has transcended through time?

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Many of William Shakespeare's plays have been able to transcend time (most poignantly seen by the continued focus and use of his plays in schools today). The themes which appear in his plays are ones which can still be understood and speak to "modern" students.

That being said, many critics have examined The Taming of the Shrew in regards to its modern appeal and still relative themes. What I am assuming, regarding your question, is that you are looking for current texts ("pieces of literature") which critique the play's ability to remain relevant (even 420 years later).

ENotes offers many different critical essays which examine elements of the play which are still relative in society today.

The first link below examines a Feminist analysis of the play. This essay highlights the sexism seen in the play (a theme which is still an issue for some).

The second link provided highlights the theme of appearance and reality. Given that many people do not recognize all things in the same way, the idea of how things appear and how things are is relevant in society today. This theme is one which has, most certainly, transcended time.

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