What are the pedal names on a harp, and are there any acronyms to remember this by or any rhymes?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As might be expected, the seven pedals of a pedal harp are named after the seven musical notes: E F G A and D C B. The D C B pedals are positioned in that order on the harp's left side, and the E F G A pedals are positioned in that order on the harp's right side. Each of the seven pedals have three adjustable tuning positions: They can be altered to flat (C-flat major), natural (C major) and sharp (C-sharp major) positions. The various positions of each pedal are held in a "notch" on the harp, unlike piano pedals which must be held down constantly by the foot to maintain changes in tone. As for acronyms, you should be able to come up with appropriate ones for each side of pedals; for example, "Do Cats Behave?" and "Every French Goat Argues."