What peacetime applications were discussed for atomic energy after WW2?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Atomic Energy Commission was created in 1946 to deal with post-war management of atomic energy. The United States had two different objectives central to its implementation of post-war atomic energy. The first was the Cold War with the Soviet Union, which entailed maintaining reactors that would supply the US with fissionable materials for its nuclear deterrent. The second was actual peaceful, as opposed to merely peacetime, application for atomic energy. The most important use for atomic energy was for power plants. On a commercial level,. these could supply energy for electricity. Atomic energy could also function as a long term power source for things like strategic submarines and unmanned spacecraft that would not be able to refuel regularly. There were also many medical applications for radioactive materials produced by atomic reactors, as well as important types of scientific research using nuclear capabilities.