What is Paul Jones?

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This question is difficult to answer as I'm not sure what you really want to know with so few clues.  Because you ask "WHAT" is Paul Jones, I'm going to assume that you mean the dance where men and women dance in concentric circles ,usually with women on the inside of the circle and men on the outside of the circle, before they dance together in any way.   This mixer dance was part of the early 20th century  and was a way to meet new people and check out the available people before asking any one person to dance. In some places in the world, this kind of mixer dance is still used especially where you have many people who are strangers to each other but want to meet people.  The speed dating idea does the same thing, meet people, but in a totally different way.  The idea works well when people want to meet others but don't seem to have the time to do it conventionally.  If this is not the question you were asking, please ask the question again in a different way with more clues as to what you really want answered.


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